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And it burns burns burns.

Holy crap I haven't written anything here since when?

I'll do my best to post more frequently in's just that most of my time is consumed by papers and reviews and meetings. Guh.

Buuuut you can go to, which is updated more often.

I know. I suck. Poor LJ.

And this whole "not buying anything in October" plan is equal parts good and horrifying. I want a pair of Elie Tahari shoes (or the Yves Saint Laurent ones I saw on eBay, guh) and I want to buy my boyfriend a random present. Oh well. I can wait till November, right? (I might sneak a bubble skirt I saw on sale *whistles*)


I've managed to save around 500 dollars for "The Cambridge Fund" aka, holy shit Stella needs money to go to Cambridge :D So this worked then.

And Walk The Line is awesome, dammit. Love is a burning flame!

End randomness!
Tags: fashion talk, randomness, ysl
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