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This is all your fault.

Yup, your fault, Zeynep.

This morning I dreamt that I'd been dating D for a while, but then decided to dump him. Why? I don't know, that's something only my dream self can answer. I then started dating Andrew McCarthy (very 80's, I know). McCarthy was more than affectionate and sweet, but I felt bad and guilty as hell.

For some reason, we were going to go to the Olympics in China, and when we got there, I couldn't stop thinking about D, so I literally ran all over the Olympics place until I found him. >.> The end. Zeynep, this is all your fault..your post influenced my subconscious!

In other news, I went shopping yesterday. And I actually got stuff. The original purpose was to try to find something for D's upcoming birthday, but I found nothing, so, on to the ladies section of the store. Oooh boy. I got an Express winter coat for five dollars! :O Someone, invite me somewhere cold! Other scores include a Zara box jacket, 50's style, which totally enamored me, three cookbooks, an African American Art book, and three shirts. Wee! I feel accomplished, my closet feels enriched. I'll take pictures when I don't look like a crazy person with her hair sticking out in all directions.

The sad story of my life: 22 years old and no credit whatsoever. But this will be rectified soon, I hope. Though, I'll probably be too terrified to actually use my credit card. >.> Heh.

Off to work!
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