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It ain't fair, lady.

I've contemplated making the jump full time to LJ on several occasions. I get easy flickr access, I can make my posts private if I don't particulars to see them. So many advantages. On the other hand, I can only do my own layouts if it's a paid account, and that's not so appealing. I may not be skilled in the layout arts, but I like making my layouts. Specially if I pretend to be a graphics artist/designer in the future.

Oh well. I guess for now, I'll keep having two. :/

Last night, I decided to get ingredients to make hummus and dolmades. They didn't have vine leaves, so the dolmades are scratched, which is a shame, since I really like them. This is all D's fault, for taking me to that Mediterrasian restaurant. Hm.

Also, I saw My Fair Lady today. As usual, Audrey Hepburn is love, but I was dissatisfied with the misoginism of the script. Come to think of it, most of the films of that era are male-centric. I hate that...I could definitely write a paper on that. When I finished watching it, I started thinking of Audrey's other films. And then of Hitchcock. Then again, Hitchcock was a confirmed chauvinist pig who decimated all women, except Grace Kelly.

There is another lilly about to bloom in the arrangement D gave me. <3

I'm sleepy and I feel fluffy.



My breasts were very tender the past two days. I asked my several people about this, and they commented that this was normal, premenstrually speaking. Now, I ask this: is it normal for premenstrual characteristics to change? I never got breast tenderness, that I can recall, until now. It scared me quite a bit because I'd never experienced it and I thought something was wrong. :/ I'm reticent of going to a doctor because I've had bad experiences with my past two gynecologists. Bleh. (Yeah yeah, I know, being irresponsible.)

I miss my boyfriend. '.' This is silly, I know, but I've grown accustomed to falling asleep with him by my side. His perfume lingers on the pillow, and whenever I go into that room, I just miss him. Guh. I was never this fluffy and sentimental, I swear. >.>

Or maybe I was and I hid it from everybody. Even myself. Ah!

People, you can stop laughing now. End post. >.>
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