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Memoirs of a Moron.

I hate it when I have arguments with my boyfriend. Specially when they're caused by my stupid insecurities.

Everytime I realize that I like him, that I really do love him, my self-defense mechanisms go on high alert and pick an argument over anything. Even ketchup. Dammit. I just flip out and want to hide because I think it can't be real...and we're going on six months already. Sheesh. I don't want to do this to him, or to myself, it just causes unnecessary stress and drama. You'd think it would be easy to embrace a good, honest, working relationship, but no. When you're used to shitty relationships, good ones scare you.

God bless that man, cause God knows how much I put him through. (Ok, I'm making myself sound like an evil wench, I'm not, I'm just a flake.)

So anyway, I got my new baby in the mail today. Yuki, as my new 12 inch Powerbook is called, has already settled in nicely into the Biscuit Network, though I suspect Hiro (the desktop) is jealous. I'm already snuggled in bed with Yuki, using the wifi, and I think my dad's jealous. Mwahaah.

I'm so tired right's been a long, then a festive dinner at Keyla's, and then dealing with Yuki (trouble connecting to the wifi), so it's time for bed.

*curls up into a ball with Yuki next to her xD*
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